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Folosind formularul de mai jos, veti putea cauta in anunturile imobiliare pe care le avem pe site. In cazul in care timpul nu va permite, va rugam sa ne contactati 0788.888.110 pentru a gasi noi, pentru dumneavoastra, proprietatea ideala.

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I have a property, how can I sell or rent it through Metropolitan Real Estate?
Just leave us your contact details and one of our colleagues will contact you. You will discover our working ethics. You will be the one to choose how to collaborate with us.

Do you also take photos and present the property I have?
We take care of everything as follows: gathering the property information, taking pictures, consulting for pricing and preparing the property for sale / rent, presenting the property to the most suitable buyers / tenants so you can feel safely and, at the same time, avoid real estate “tourism” in your property.

How long is a property traded through you?
Everyone wants to sell fast and at the best price. However, this needs a very well-established plan. The real estate agent can suggest the most important actions you need to take in order to reach this objective. The quality of the plan and the effectiveness of its implementation depend on your collaboration with the real estate agent. Therefore the sales duration may be higher or lower. Because the subject is broader, we invite you to further discuss in regards to this topic.

When I need to buy or rent a property, what do I have to do in order to work with you?
You can contact us directly or leave us your contact details and we will call you very shortly.

What does "exclusive representation" mean?
There are two types of services / ways in the Romanian real estate market at this moment to collaborate with a real estate brokerage and exclusive real estate representation.
When choosing a real estate representation, you choose to work with a single agent / agency based on an exclusive representation contract. You can work with us or you can identify another real estate agent (after an interview), who will do his job in a professional way, for your satisfaction and comfort.
The advantages of this way of working are net superior. You can meet:
- a dedicated consultant - the real estate agent handles the entire process for sale for you, from taking over the property to the signing the legal documents
- property specific profile – which brings to light the features and unique qualities of your property
- personalized promotion strategy - we promote your property in particular on channels relevant to the type of buyer for which your property fits
- professional photographer – who will present great quality images relevant to the buyer
- time investment, energy and marketing the budget which will lead to the success of your project
- dealing with a single agent, you get real-time information about the process, you receive the written purchase-sell agreement via email. You come only to the notary for signing the sales documents. During this time, you are in full control of a professional selling process without consuming precious time, without making any effort. Time when you can take care of your business or anything else you enjoy